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Hi! My name is Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski (also known as bodrovis and ibodrov). I am web developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS etc), Microsoft and Cisco specialist, author and tutor. Learn more at my LinkedIn page.

I give private IT lessons, participate in startups, work as an assistance lecturer at Moscow Aviations University, teaching assistant, tutor and author at Sitepoint, Sitepoint Premium, TutsPlus, PhraseApp, and Scotch.

In my free time I contribute to Open Source projects, create plugins and gems, write posts for my blog and learn new cool things. Also I love music, reading and sports.

Have a question? Need assistance? Feel free to contact me by dropping a line to . Or follow on Twitter to be the first to know about my new articles and videos.

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Some of my writings are part of the books, some are available only by subscription, and some are not credited to me due to various reasons. Therefore, this list is incomplete.

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