Hi! My name is Ilya Krukowski (Илья Круковский, also known as bodrovis). I am web developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript frameworks, Elixir, Python), head of content/documentation/onboarding at Lokalise, Microsoft and Cisco specialist, author and tutor. Learn more at my LinkedIn page.

Asking questions. I receive lots of questions via email or social networks but please understand that I simply cannot reply to everyone. If you wanted to ask something regarding my videos or articles, ideally it should be done via my Telegram chat for devs where other readers/viewers can assist as well. Thank you for your understanding.

I give private IT lessons, participate in startups, I'm a tutor and author at Lokalise, GuideDAO, Sitepoint, Sitepoint Premium, TutsPlus, Scotch. I also contribute to Open Source projects, create plugins and gems.

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