Disk Drill - The Premier Mac and Windows Data Recovery Software

Most likely you've ended up in a situation when some crucial files were accidently deleted from your PC. It does not really matter who did it: a younger brother, angry girlfriend or a cat who randomly pressed keys while enjoying an after-dinner nap. The main question is how to restore those data?

Meet Disk Drill, a great, easy-to-use software that makes restoring data a breeze. It boasts more than 10 million downloads and more than 500 000 premium users - and you can become one of them! Recently version 3 for Mac and Windows was released, so I am going to do a quick overview of its features for you.

Disk Drill works with more than 200 file formats and provides a handful of recovery methods and what's cooler it supports nearly all major devices like external USB drives, cameras, iPhones, iPads, iPods i-etc. Supported file systems include FAT, NTFS, HFS+ and others. Even if your device's storage is corrupted and can't be opened, Disk Drill will most likely be able to open it and perform its restoration magic.

Disk Drill is really easy to use. With virtually one mouse click you'll be presented with a list of files that can be potentially recovered on your device. Preview those files and decide which ones to restore - no need to be an IT expert! Well, if you actually are an expert Disk Drill is customizable so you can tailor recovery process as needed.

Even if you are using a free version of the program, it still presents additional useful tools:

  • Disk Health - a monitoring tool ensuring that your disk is in a top shape.
  • Cleanup - analyzes disk space, locates unused files, frees up storage. Nice and neat.
  • Duplicate Finder - have you ever wondered whether you have duplicate files on your drive? Detect them now with this tool!
  • Recovery Drive - create a bootable USB drive that will help repairing your system.
  • Data Protection - stays on guard of your data 24/7 and ensures their recovery.
  • Data Backup - create a backup of your data (or full partitions) now to protect from unexpected and unpleasant situations.

On top of that, Disk Drill's official website presents a knowledge base with a ton of useful materials.

So, I really encourage you to go ahead and grab Disk Drill now. After all, it's wise to be prepared for potential problems in advance. :) Also, I have a special offer exclusively for my readers: the first nine people to retweet this tweet gets a FREE key for Disk Drill Pro, so don't be late!