FlexiHub - connect to remote USB and COM easily

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FlexiHub logo. The One to rule them all.

You've probably stumbled upon situations when there are just not enough USB ports, especially on new MacBooks. Or you just needed to easily access some remote port without unnecessary hustle. If that's true, then FlexiHub, a new solution built by Eltima, is exactly what you are looking for!

This solution can be used to easily access remote USB and COM devices on Mac, Linux and Windows. The only thing you need to do is install FlexiHub on your computers et voila! How cool is that? You can not only connect to your devices, but even manage them remotely - this is secure as all communication is encrypted (256-bit SSL). Don't want to expose some device? Lock it out with just one click. Wish to invite someone to access your device? Send an invite by e-mail in 5 seconds. Seriously, this utility is lightweight and very easy to use.

FlexiHub GUI

FlexiHub GUI on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Other cool things are that you even don't need a real IP address and the traffic can be compressed to speed up working with some devices. On top of that, there are even access control lists available, so you may control who is authorized to work with your device.

What about supported platforms? Well, any Windows version starting from XP is compatible (as well as Windows Server 2012). As for Mac, the supported versions are 10.9 - 10.12. FlexiHub was also tested on various versions of Ubuntu as well as Debian 8 and Centos 7.

The prices are reasonable as well: $19.9 per month. This includes support for 20 computers and 10 active devices which is pretty cool. You may also give this solution a try with the free version.

To learn more, you may read up this press kit. When you are ready to see FlexiHub in action, download it here, register an account and have fun!