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IT is growing at a tremendous pace. New technologies are constantly appearing, therefore learning them may be hard and time-consuming. I have attended many courses myself and came to a simple conclusion: only private lessons actually do work.

I've seen many offers claiming that you will become an IT specialist in 24 hours, but unfortunately that's impossible. I am not saying, that learning IT is easy — it does take time, but with the help of a tutor you will surely achieve greater progress much faster.

The idea is really simple: the more you know, the more you earn. Investing in yourself is always the best idea, therefore I always keep learning and help others doing so.

Do you want to learn a new technology or brush up your knowledge? Need a personal teacher? Contact me!

I give private lessons on web technologies such as Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby/Rails, RSpec, Cucumber and others.

I believe that every student needs a personal treatment. Some require thorough explanations whereas others prefer to work more independently. Some are looking for small and fun lessons, others require longer runs.

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Ilya is a great resource to me. I'm learning Ruby on Rails in my very limited spare time via online books, courses, and videos and Ilya is accelerating my learning curve by helping me apply both basic and advanced concepts to the apps and projects I'm building. He's very flexible, knowledgeable, and patient. I sometimes get stuck for many hours trying to troubleshoot my code and he helps me get unstuck very quickly. I don't know where I'd be without him! Craig DesBrisay
Ilya is fantastic. A+. He is extremely knowledgeable and super friendly to work with. He is very professional and completes the given job. He always goes a step beyond than what is asked for. I highly recommend Ilya for Ruby on Rails. I have worked with Ilya multiple times and will continue to work with him going forward. He is one of the best mentor and a tutor. Suresh Kumar
I am an independent programmer and use IRC #RubyOnRails channel and the Rails Slack channel but, wanted more 1 on 1 help to help me understand why certain things are done and what not to do. Ilya regularly checks my code and makes recommendations on potential refactoring methodologies, points me to specific sections of rails docs and guides to help get me through some sticking points and learn the correct techniques. I like to do a lot myself but, can also be stubborn, and not uncommon for me to research for days to solve one problem. I buy block of hours from Ilya to help me when I get stuck. I still use IRC and Slack but, with Ilya as a private mentor, it helps me develop into a better programmer. Ilya is always available even with a 10 hour time difference and very responsive It's comforting to know he has my back when I need it. Max
After reading a couple of books, I understood that just writing code is not enough - it should look professional and I don't want to be ashamed of it. Ilya has helped me a lot. I really like his clear and simple explanations of complex things. On top of that, he has eye for details and provides personal treatment for every student. Thank you! Valentina
I would like to thank Ilya for the services he provided me whilst learning Ruby. His instructions were clear and concise. I would personally recommend his services to learners and professionals learning new skills. Duncan Adams
I have recently started taking lessons from Ilya and during this period have learned many new things. Ilya is a great teacher and mentor; his explanations on Ruby on Rails were clear and concise. All the material is discussed thoroughly and it really helps, because I'd spent much more time when learning everything on my own. Ilya introduces useful examples that make understanding new concepts a breeze. I can go on and on, but I'll just say that Ilya is teacher blessed by God, and I will surely continue taking lessons from him. Thank you a lot! Nikita Sitnikov


Pricing starts from $25 per lesson (academical hour).

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